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How To Get Your Ex Back | How to Win Back Your Ex http://towinbackyourex.com How to Win back Ex Successfully? You Can Get Back Your Ex by Following This Simple 4-Step Blueprint! Sun, 11 Dec 2011 09:29:22 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.3.2 To Win Back Ex Lover – You Should Not Make These 3 Mistakes! http://towinbackyourex.com/to-win-back-ex-lover-you-should-not-make-these-3-mistake http://towinbackyourex.com/to-win-back-ex-lover-you-should-not-make-these-3-mistake#comments Sat, 17 Jul 2010 10:54:49 +0000 Admin http://towinbackyourex.com/?p=88 Today, I’d  like to share something to you about what you shouldn’t do if you wish know how to win back your ex fast.

The first rule of thumb is that you should never beg your ex to come back to your side. Based on various case studies I knew of, begging your ex to come back never works. This can’t make the getting back together successfully, instead it can harm the relationship to the extend that you will never win back your ex at last. This is crucial.

You might have heard of some advices that recommend you to date a new person in order to make your ex jealous. This never works either! This is very dangerous! Not all the people are the same as some people are easily irritated. Such a childish act for dating a new one can most likely drive your ex away rather than pulling them back to your side.

Finally, you shouldn’t ask friends or families of your ex to say good things about you. Doing so will look untruthful and insincere. Don’t do this if you don’t want to drive the relationship to dead end.

I hope these tips can help in your effort to win back ex.

Proceed to this win ex back guide to see how to win back ex fast.

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How to Win Back Your Ex – My Advice http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-win-back-your-ex-my-advice http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-win-back-your-ex-my-advice#comments Sun, 25 Apr 2010 07:51:53 +0000 Admin http://towinbackyourex.com/?p=43 You wish to win back your ex. But, how to start? What is the right move to start out with so that the process of getting back your ex can be smoother and in higher success rate? You need to study and research to find out the most feasible and least harmful way.  I am writing the steps that I have personally taken and successfully won back my wife down for you.

Many people fail to win back their loves because they do this in their own way. In my opinion, we can’t afford to waste any single opportunity to get back your loved one. We need a systematic way with higher success rate. Following own way can possibly set yourself up to the worst situation where getting ex back is impossible. Since you’re reading this post, I believe you might have already understood the importance of it.

I was so depressed after Sarah had left me. I lost my appetite and focuses on work. I felt lonely, felt like losing the purpose of life. I told myself, I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing, I gotta find out a way to win back Sarah. So, I started my research online looking for some tips to help me. Many seemed useless and some seemed feasible..Luckily, I did find a precious gem, I referred to the advices and instructions in it and modified them slightly to suit my own situation. And, it worked great!

What I want to emphasize in this post is that, no one can be responsible for your happiness of life except yourself. If you really think that you still love your ex, just go! Go to chase him or her back.. Research and find out a method that suit you so as to win back your ex boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband..

I’ve written down the experience-based & easy-to-implement guide to win back your ex which I think to be useful to help you get some ideas of how you should go about your plan. So, feel free to use it, I believe your happiness will be arriving sooner or later as long as you’re willing to start working it out today on how you can get your ex lover back by referring to the right and proven strategy.

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How to Get Back Your Ex? Step 4 – Small Gift Works Wonders http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-get-back-your-ex-step-4-small-gift-works-wonders http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-get-back-your-ex-step-4-small-gift-works-wonders#comments Fri, 23 Apr 2010 15:47:31 +0000 Admin http://towinbackyourex.com/?p=28 Before you continue to read this post, I would suggest you to take a look at my previous posts which are about the first 3 steps on how to get back your ex. No matter you want to win back your ex boyfriend, your girlfriend, your husband or your wife, the tips I am sharing which are all based on my personal real-life success story in combination with useful advices from relationship experts can definitely help to fix your relationship and get ex back eventually.

After you have apologized to your ex with sincerity, changed your image to attract your ex and practiced the “hobby attack” to regain trust from you ex, it is now the time to add some sweeteners to enhance the taste of the relationship in the process of chasing back your ex.

A thoughtful small gift comes into picture. A right gift presented at the right time can repair an almost fixed relationship in a very massive way.

For my case, I designed and made a beautiful album pasted with our family photos which were taken during every gatherings. I presented the gift to Sarah together with a self-designed hand written letter which stated my love and determination to changing to a better husband and father.

Believe me, a thoughtful small gift can play an important role to fix your relationship or marriage. If you think your ex is your loved one who you can stay together life long with, do not hesitate from taking action today to get him or her back. With a right attitude, correct method and sincerity, you can definitely get your ex back in no time

http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-get-back-your-ex-step-4-small-gift-works-wonders/feed 0
How to Get Your Ex Back? Step 3 – Hobby Attack http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-get-your-ex-back-step-3-hobby-attack http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-get-your-ex-back-step-3-hobby-attack#comments Wed, 21 Apr 2010 15:23:44 +0000 Admin http://towinbackyourex.com/?p=23 The tips that I’m about to share with you guys next is amazingly useful in helping to get your ex back in high success rate. Until today, I still believe that it has played a very important role in helping me to get back together with Sarah. The method I’m going to reveal has been proven by myself and I strongly think that  it can work wonders to get ex back together with you!

I would call the method “Hobby Attack”. Okay…I know the name is kind of weird. But, let me explain..

Do you know what does your ex like most? What are the things your ex is always crazy about? You should be able to name one if not a few.

My wife likes photography a lot. Before she left me, she had always talked a lot about photography. She had shared a lot about lens, image editing software, aperture stuff, camera updates etc to me, and I just nodded without really focusing on what she was talking about. After Sarah had left me, I missed her so much. I started to pay some attention on photography because whenever I immersed myself in the world of photography, I felt so close to Sarah. I liked that kind of feeling. The more I learned about photography, I found myself to be more interested in it.

One day, I called Sarah out for a lunch so that I could meet up with my 2 kids. I interacted a lot with my kids during the lunch but talked less with Sarah as she seemed to be not that willing to talk to me. Until one moment, miracles happened! I saw one man holding a brand new camera next to our table, I just unknowingly started to comment on the camera. Out of surprise, Sarah responded and she started to comment on the camera as well.. We started to talk to each other about the latest news and trend of camera.. What followed? I think you can guess.. We came out more and more and talked more. Eventually, I got her back!

This is definitely useful and being personally proven by me. Do not afraid to give it a try as it works like a love spell to get your ex back.

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How to Win Back Your Ex? Step 2 – Attract Your Ex Once Again http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-win-back-your-ex-step-2-attract-your-ex-once-again http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-win-back-your-ex-step-2-attract-your-ex-once-again#comments Mon, 19 Apr 2010 14:59:53 +0000 Admin http://towinbackyourex.com/?p=18 Starting with an good apology is surely the most effective strategy to win back your ex, but what comes next? After you have given a good apology, the next thing you’ve to do is definitely not to cling to your ex but to leave him or her alone. One of the purpose of an apology is simply to convey a message that you still care about the relationship.

After the apology you have to let yourself as well as your ex to take some time to sort the emotion out.If you keep on looking for your ex just after the apology, it can make you look weak. Your ex would have a very negative impression on you. Constantly calling or finding chances to look for your ex simply means that your become less appealing to them. A needy image will be projected in the eyes of your ex. Needy simply means desperate. Desperate just means that you are not valuable to them.

Now, you need to cheer yourself up and start to go about changing yourself as what you’ve promised your ex to. In order to do so, you must not be spending all your time on your own. It’s very easy to emphasize on the feelings your ex has walked out of the relationship and you might be starting to doing nothing but thinking about your ex.

My Advice is that you can spend more time with your family and friends. I know it’s not very easy especially when you’re still under the emotion of losing your ex. But, if it’s the way to make you have a clear mind to think on how to change yourself and rectify your behavior to a good one in order to regain trust back from your ex, you gotta do it. You might think that it’s not fair that only you’re the one who is doing all the changes! Please do not feel like this, when your ex discovers that you’re sincerely making all the changes, he or she will start to reflect on what he or she has done wrong and start to take care of his or her own issues and mistakes. (The best case scenario is that he or she has already start to do so after your sincere apology)

Remember back to the time of  the sweet honeymoon time? What were the factors that have attracted your ex? This is very important. Try to recall and retrace back.. Why were you so attractive to your ex? You need to turn back time. You need to change back to the one that your ex liked previously.  This point is vitally important in the process to chasing back you ex.

So, now it’s time to go out of the dismay and start to build a new image in the eyes of your ex. Start to make a change and you’ll see the result and win back your ex lover soon! At least, I have impressed Sarah by having done so..

http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-win-back-your-ex-step-2-attract-your-ex-once-again/feed 0
How To Win Back Your Ex? Step 1 – Get Back Your Ex with a Sincere Apology http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-win-back-your-ex-with-a-sincere-apology http://towinbackyourex.com/how-to-win-back-your-ex-with-a-sincere-apology#comments Sat, 17 Apr 2010 05:09:25 +0000 Admin http://towinbackyourex.com/?p=13 The first step to take on how to win back your ex is to give your apology. After Sarah has left, I was so anxious and keen to know the methods to help me win her back. Many people told me not to call or text her for at less 1 to 2 months so as to give her more space if you really want to get your ex back in the end. I doubted so. Luckily, I adopted the advice from one of the famous relationship experts, that I should make the first move to call to apologize. Of course, you need to go through a buffer period before approaching your ex. The buffer period (also called hot period)  is for you and your ex to cool down and sort out the complex emotions. I was advised that  a period of 1 to 2 weeks is the most suitable length of buffer time.

You might be the one who made some mistakes which led to the break up. Never beat yourself up. What you have to do now is to get up and think of what you’ve done wrong and what steps you have to take to save your marriage or relationship. It is not that easy to come up with an effective apology to get ex back until you know the essential purpose of an apology.

You’ve to understand that you’re not going through the motion of an apology because you think you have to do so, or you think it’s what your ex wants to hear from you. You have to put yourself in his or her shoes to understand what he or she is objecting to. You’ve to understand his or her point of view. List down the things which he or she is objecting to and tackle them.

No matter you’re about to plan to win back your ex boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, you have to show your attitude to your ex with sincerity and seriousness regardless of what gender you’re. You’ve to show to him or her that you care about the relationship. While you apologize, you’ve to let your ex feel that you’ve completely understood his or her point of view and you have the determination to change to what he or she wants to see or want you to be.

Before you call for an apology, it’s better off having a plan. Remember to jot down what you have planned to say as it might come to a situation where you have forgotten what you have planned before hand. If you decide to meet your ex up face to face, make sure you memorize well the sequence of points which you’re planning to say. An apology can’t be successful without a good preparation. Of course, the apology must seem natural but not “artificial”.

Although you’ve so much to say during the conversation. You can’t just keep on bombarding him or her with your words of apology. Make sure that your let him or her to have space to talk and you have to listen with sincerity. You show your respect for your ex as a good listener.

After you apologize, you should convey the message that you will let your ex to have time to cool down for not calling him or her often. You’ve to promise that you’ll use this period of separation to reflect on yourself and change to be a better one for him or her. Of course, you have to keep your promise and let your ex see your changes. These changes can unconsciously attract your ex again.

Okay, when you have fully prepared to apologize to your ex. But,  what if your ex doesn’t wanna reply your call or text?  Here comes an advice with proven statistics, you can text your ex saying that you have something very important to tell him or her and it won’t take up much time. Or you can say you want to meet your ex up as you want to thank him or her for the things your ex has done for you. Curiosity works wonder!  Most likely, you ex will reply the message. Got it?

Trust me. If you followed the methods I told you, you’re well on your smooth way to get your ex back in no time.

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